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Rivian SDC/Autonomy

Discussion in 'R1T' started by Jacob Szafranski, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Jacob Szafranski

    May 15, 2019
    Central Illinois
    An informative and to the point video on Rivian's approach to self driving systems for it's upcoming R1T courtesy of TechCrunch.

    So level 3? Which I'm okay with, after all that's all I've even experienced coming from a Tesla. I'll be honest level 3 autonomy for the R1T would be perfectly fine in my book. I'm more interested in the prospects of the vehicle more so than the autonomous driving. I would however hope that the R1T and R1S will at least remotely match the industry standards as far as autonomous technology goes for passenger vehicles at the time of their release.

    Not at all looking for Rivian to push the barrier as far as self-driving cars go, but would like to have at least a solid level 3 system with their vehicles.

    As before RJ said he wanted to set up some type of Jurassic Park mode where Rivian vehicles could give you a guided tour of certain select locations. This idea seems interesting to me, and again I don't necessarily think autonomous technology is something Rivian needs to pioneer, but rather develop novel applications for what is already out there in the market.

    What does everyone/anyone else think?

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