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Daughter of Ford chairman has joined Rivian Board

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by Domenick, May 1, 2020.

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    Aug 10, 2017
    Alexandra Ford English, 32 years old and the daughter of Bill Ford, has joined the Board of Directors at Rivian. Bill Ford, of course, is the Chairman of the Board at Ford. Alexandra replaces Joe Hinrichs, a former high-level executive with 20 years at the automaker.

    Alexandra has been with Ford since 2016. Her previous work experience appears to "responsible for managing profit and loss operations for the merchandising divisions" at GAP and Tory Burch. At Ford, she began as an MDA intern (she got her MBA from Harvard) in Global Strategy and Mobility. She then was at Ford Smart Mobility for less than a year before moving to become Director at Autonomous Vehicles. In February, she became Director of Corporate Strategy.

    This is all especially interesting in light of the fact that Ford just canceled the Rivian-based vehicle for Lincoln. (Ford still has plans for a vehicle on the Rivian platform)

    Personally speaking, I'm not a huge fan of nepotism. On the other hand, I still like the idea of the Ford family being invested in the success of the company. Maybe she has the chops to be a positive force on the Rivian board, but I think it's likely that no one will ever know one way or the other. Boards are pretty opaque in general. I do like the idea of having a female presence and she does appear to have the backing of RJ Scaringe. Here's his statement on the move:

    "Alexandra and I share a deep passion for mobility and electrification, and her connection to Ford’s long family role in transportation is something special. I am looking forward to working closely with her and the perspective that she will bring to the board."

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    Source: Detroit Free Press, Reuters, LinkedIn
    Image: Ford

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