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Retired NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal "Shaq" Rides In A Rivian R1T Truck

Jun 6, 2019

Now we can rest assured that the Rivian R1T's cabin has room to spare, but we want to see Shaq in the back.

Well, some of you have complained that the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck concept doesn't have a large enough bed to be used as a proper work truck. However, it offers plenty of versatile cargo space and we have new proof that its passenger cabin is quite roomy as well.

Instead of using banana boxes to get a handle on capacity, Rivian just looks to Shaq. For the few that may not be familiar with Shaquille O'Neal, he's a sports analyst and retired NBA basketball player. To say he's "big and tall" would be a monumental understatement. Shaq stands over seven feet tall and weighs over 300 lbs.

As you can see from the tweeted image above, Shaq looks pretty comfy in the driver's seat of the R1T. Perhaps he has a reservation already? We sure hope so, since we love to see celebrities supporting EVs.

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